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Mysore To Bangalore Cabs
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Why Book a Mysore to Bangalore Cab with Cab Rental Mysore Travels?

Cab Rental Mysore Travels agency is neither an online portal nor a commission agent. Since 2013 with the intention of generating employment opportunities we have established fox travels. We own 42 cabs. Not only that we supervise our driver’s activities and license. All the documents related to our cabs will be renewed from time to time.

We will look into that the vehicle won’t break down or puncture while travelling from Mysore to Bangalore by Car. In case it happens, our agency’s cabs could be found every fifteen minutes. So, there’s no need to panic for people who are traveling to airport. We are organizing Mysore to Bangalore one way taxi daily. We assure that we will arrange another cab in just ten minutes. Therefore, Mysore Bangalore taxi users trust us more.

Why should you Travel by Car Rental Mysore Travel Cab to Mysore from Bangalore?

In this present situation travelling in public transport like bus or car is not suggestible. Because COVID 19 has spread all over India rapid rate, therefore travelling by a sanitized Taxi from Mysore and Bangalore is appropriate. Opting for a taxi is the best choice if 3 or 4 passengers are travelling together. We choose that route which has Hotels, Police stations, Hospitals, ATM for safety concerns of the passengers. Most of the drivers will not be aware of the localities of Bangalore. We allot drivers who are well aware of every neighbourhood and roads and office address in Bangalore.

One Way cabs From Mysore Bangalore

The concept of a one-way taxi is trending nowadays. Online portals deceive people by making customers by receiving double money. Only 10% will be deducted by them which is equal to the round trip. They say this is a one-way cab service. But at Cab Rental Mysore travels, we operate 30 to 40 vehicles every day and we offer a really low price for one-way cabs.

What is the difference between online one-way cabs and Cab Rental Mysore travels?

Online taxi companies allot an owner/driver for the customers. Those drivers log in to various online portals and opt for that company which is more profitable for them. So, at the last moment, you will receive a message saying your booking has been cancelled. This spoils all your schedule and mood.

But at Cab Rental Mysore Travels the vehicles reserved only for one way make your journey easier. The reason for this is Cab Rental Mysore travels own all the vehicles

and our own drivers will be assigned for that purpose. We provide a one-way taxi according to your convenience. You can also take a break for about 30 minutes. All you have to do is contact the provided phone number. Without any booking charges, one can book a one-way taxi through Cab Rental Mysore travels.

Mysore to Bangalore one way taxi fare.

How to compare a one-way taxi?

It is so easy to compare Mysore to Bangalore one way taxi. Every one-way taxi will have a certain amount for one way drops. Some of the companies fix 2300 rupees and toll charges extra. Some put Rs.2500 all-inclusive. Some companies fix Rs.1750 up to 150 km’s and charge Rs.18/- for extra km. It Comes to 2500 overall. Some of the companies cheat customers by showing the different prices on their website and charge differently in the end. But at Cab Rental Mysore travels agency you pay only for what you’ve seen on our website. We do not charge more than what has been assigned initially.

Mysore-Bangalore Airport Taxi

Book Taxi from Mysore to Bangalore Airport

We are proud of ourselves to be Indians. People travelling from Mysore to Bangalore airport book our cab. Even though just one person is travelling to Foreign, the whole family will go to the airport for the send-off. It is the tradition and mindset of Indians. Foreigners usually travel alone everywhere. But We don’t take up travels alone. We always travel with family or friends. More than 1000 vehicles travel from Mysore to Bangalore airport every day. Our experienced drivers take a shortcut route to reach Bangalore airport. We take only a one-way fare to pick up from Bangalore Airport or to drop at Airport. We prioritize the safety of women and children. To date, we have organized 38000 trips from Mysore to Bangalore airport.

Are You Looking for Mysore to Bangalore Sharing Taxi? 

Why do you search for Mysore to Bangalore airport shared cabs during this Corona variant time? When there is a social distance of 5 feet is necessary as per doctor’s suggestion, how safe is the Mysore to Bangalore Sharing taxi travel? For the time being, Cab Rental Mysore travels have started Mysore to Bangalore one way drop and levied the price that matches the price of sharing cabs. Hence, come let’s prioritize the safety first.

Mysore To Bangalore Airport Cab Booking Number: +91 9632722100

Cabs from Mysore to Bangalore Taxi Fare for One Side

While coming from Bangalore to Mysore after crossing the fountain circle soldier’s pillars have built on both sides of the road. It was the gateway of Mysore in those days. Even today we can see those pillars near Mysore. People of Mysore depend on Bangalore for various reasons. That’s because Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka, the nearest International Airport is located in Bangalore. More than 10000 people travel between Mysore and Bangalore for commercial and personal intentions.

Mysore to Bangalore Cab Services

Cab Rental Mysore Travels have started Mysore to Bangalore cab services in the year 2006 and has completed more than 35000 trips to date. Our specialty is that depending on the demand and booking that has been received by us we have allocated 10 taxis just for the purpose of Mysore to Bangalore service. Missourians usually travel to Bangalore on an urgent basis. Be it attending an interview, Government work, or going to the Airport one can’t make any advance booking. Understanding this situation fox travel agency has reserved 10 cabs. Within 10 minutes cab will be at your desired address.

We guarantee that we do not ask for more than the assigned price. You can also check our google reviews given by our customers. Each of those reviews is the outcome of our hard work. Do not forget to share your opinion after you travel in a review.

We Also Provided Bangalore to Mysore Cab

Mysore to Bangalore by Car

Why do we recommend Mysore to Bangalore Taxi?

Bangalore is the 2nd fastest developing city in India. Traffic and population are also highly increasing. If you choose for bus or train it may delay your work. That’s because it takes about 4 hour’s journeys to travel from Mysore to Bangalore. One has to depend on a taxi or metro train to travel within Bangalore city. Hence, we recommend hiring a cab to travel from Mysore, finish all your work, and return to Mysore. Our experienced drivers will assist you to have a musical journey. All our vehicles are pre-installed with the music system. It helps easing the minds of the customers. It has FM, aux, and USB options as well. Choosing the song of your choice will make your trip more exciting. Therefore, opt for Mysore to Bangalore cab and have a good journey.

Mysore to Bangalore car rental according to customer convenience.

Cab Rental Mysore Travels agency provides a car on rent according to traveller’s convenience. Analyzing the Enquiries, we get and keeping them in mind we have low budget vehicles to premium SUV vehicles for rent as per traveler’s requirement. From 2006 to 2016 fox travels agency was operating 15-20 cabs per week and now it is operating 25-30 vehicles per week. People of Mysore have started using hired vehicles these days. We have increased the rate of vehicle operation depending on the requirement. Based on their budget some customers opt for a low budget hatchback Car, and some choose a sedan Car. Some of them choose SUV Innova Crysta since they need more comfortable travel. Keeping those in mind fox travels have introduced different kinds of vehicles to the travel field. Specially to travel from Mysore to Bangalore we have reserved more vehicles. Our drivers will go to traffic-less roads of Bangalore and save your precious time.

Mysore To Bangalore by Road

Mysore to Bangalore is about 145 km by road. This route is completely safe to travel throughout the day. It is a 4-lane route of NH 275 and the road is being widened for 6 lanes. This route from Mysore to Bangalore passes through 7 amazing towns and cities. Each one of them is unique in its “s own way. Srirangapattana is about 18 km from Mysore and it takes about 20 minutes to reach there. We can see the breezy and sparkling Cauvery River and the Tippu sultan’s reign. From here for about 45 minutes and 26 km away Mandya is located. Mandya is very famous for Sugar cane fields, sugar factories, and Film star Ambarish.

Mandya is well known for its rallies and skirmishes regarding the Cauvery River and language issues. It always leads to the front of these issues. Halfway through the journey to Bangalore from Mysore is the town Maddur. There are many hotels which provide some relaxation for travelers. We usually take some break here before moving ahead.

People of Karnataka fondly remember Maddur for its mouth savoring Maddur Vada. After having crispy vada and tea our journey moves towards Channapattana along NH 275. Channapattana is about 35 minutes from here. Channapattana is also known as the city of toys. Even with tough competition from Chinese toys these desi toys of Channapattana still haven’t lost its fame. The next place we come across is Ramanagar. This Ramanagar is also known as the new Bangalore. The super hit Hindi film Sholay has been shot in this region.

Famous dialog from the movie “Nach Basanti Nach” has its own fan following till today. The hill where the movie was shot is a renowned tourist spot now.

From Ramnagar our vehicle will start moving towards Bangalore. From here the number of vehicles starts increasing considerably. As you move further ahead, a taluk headquarters named bidadi will come. Many people choose tatte idli hotels here for a light tiffin. Bidadi is famous for tatte idli in karnataka. The hot idlis and butter combo given here attracts people. Idli hotels are all over the city and Sri renuka hotel is very popular. Even we have savored the taste of idli here.

From here, within 15 minutes we will reach Bangalore rural region Kengeri. It is 90% attached into Bangalore city. And Bangalore roads and shortcuts start from here. Here fox travels drivers will get cautious. They’ll take the destination of the traveler in Bidadi itself and decide which road to take. Like this, we have readied ourselves for your safe travel. With a thorough knowledge of the Mysore Bangalore Road, fox travels will make your travel easier.

Choose from our variety of cab with driver options – Mysore to Bangalore Taxi Fare Details For (Round Trip)

Cab Rental Mysore Travels agency has been providing taxis at the cheapest rate. We have gained the trust of customers over the years. We are not providing a taxi for profit. We prioritize safety and travel with a smile. We encourage our drivers under the Smile every mile slogan. And we are acting the same way.

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