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Global Cab Rental Mysore

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I am Guruprasad. Born in 1982 as a proud Mysorean, I have spent 40 years of my life here. I learnt driving and worked for 2years for other travel agency. In 2012, I bought my own Indica and sought experience as an owner-driver of my own vehicle. That motivated me then I started a prominent travel company in Mysore named "Global Cab Rental Mysore" hired me as a driver. I worked for 10years and still I am driver to my Travels company. We are approved by the Karnataka Tourism Department. And also, Our cabs range from Toyota Etios, Desire, Innova to Tempo Travelers, The main reason to choose Cab Rental Mysore is its price. Most cab services in Mysore tend to charge tourists exuberantly. We have drivers with years of experience trying to show you in and around Mysore for a reasonable price. more than 2 years old. We try to give you the best possible price compared to all other taxi services in Mysore.


Call Us +91 9632722100 | +91 9945722102

It is very hard to get quality Cabs in Mysore at better price range. Only a few operators have succeeded in managing that. ‘Cab Rental Mysore' is one amongst them. Be it the locals or the outsiders only look for the taxi fares but not the safety and quality. Understanding that, online cab operators provide taxis on the commission basis through online promotion. There are many instances where guests will get stranded on the road in case of vehicle breakdown due to lack of alternate arrangements. Therefore, all taxi services in the market cannot be availed..

Our organization has played an important role in getting praise from the customers by providing quality for the past 10 years. Either Tourists visiting Mysore or the locals of Mysore would rather take taxis for their personal uses. but won’t go for altercation with drivers or the taxi agency owners. It is inevitable to care for the driver or the taxi in which they had travelled once. We travel for the sake of peace of mind. So we are constantly trying to provide Taxi Services at the lowest rates with a driver compatible with you in the dream car you desire without wasting your valuable time in hassles.

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